Randy & Stella Benson

Dawn is a dedicated, professional and forth right real estate agent. She has worked with us the last couple of years with honest diligence. Even under such economic times and housing climate Dawn is collaborative, attentive and an expert in her profession. One can tell she has many years of experience and wisdom leading to her seeming to know all the angles for a fair market and satisfactory property sell. My husband and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Lou & Jenna St. Hilaire

Dawn was an incredible help in buying our first home. We found her to be knowledgeable, friendly and responsive. She shared her expertise, protected our interests and helped us work within the budget we had set. I'd recommend her to anyone.

Michelle Lim

As an out of state buyer, Dawn was great in helping me through the purchase process, making sure everything was done on time, and went the extra mile post-purchase by checking on the property until I could get there.

Jim Scarborough

Dawn was terrific to work with. Answered all my questions and really helped clarify the process of buying a house.


Dawn was excellent to work with, she always called back and never left us hanging.

Tom & Sue Brand

We really had to thank you for all your help and knowledge in helping us find our retirement house. We really appreciate all you have done for us.

Quinn & Roberta Selsor

Excellent service, pleasant relationship - even during "rough times".

Jay Dimock

Dawn Durand is the best real estate agent in the area, hands down. She has handled two sales and two purchases for me. Dawn always goes above and beyond. I heartily recommend her to anyone.

TF Lambert

Excellent. Dawn is wonderful. Always available. Bends over backward to get everything done.

John Gorman

Excellent. Dawn made the process very easy as I am in California and the property was in Washington.

Michael Daack & Elizabeth Pine

Dawn's efforts far exceeded our expectations. Our lender made the process quite difficult and had it not been for Dawn's efforts, the deal would not have been finalized and we would have had a much more bitter taste re: the experience. Dawn's calm, patient, personalized approach to her job were very much appreciated. She first began helping us look at homes about four years before our purchase. She put absolutely no pressure on us to buy and was repeatedly willing to go out of her way to help us, even though for years there was no purchase eminent. She was always very professional and put our needs and desires first!

Vic & Janine

Excellent~Dawn was wonderful to work with. She was always following up on all the different pieces of selling our house and keeping us informed. I would highly recommend Dawn Durand to anyone looking for a realtor.


Dawn is one of the very best. It was nothing less than I expected; SUPERB!

Elizabeth Falta

Efficient, personal, competent. Service was way beyond my expectations. When the selling realtor failed to do her job, Dawn stepped in and did the work for both sides.


Well informed, comprehensive, friendly and helpful.

Peter Luton & Linda Berg

We received excellent service from Dawn. She understood what we were looking for. Her knowledge of the city and her resources were invaluable, from the contractor who advised us on replacing a staircase to the company that removed a buried oil tank. She walked us through the entire buying process. Not a thing could have been done better. We are certain that her personal presentation helped us stand out among other buyers. There was an issue around an oil tank removal on the property and she was extremely helpful during an stressful process. Dawn was the listing agent for the property we wished to see, and after checking her reviews...we decided to work with her. And we "LOVE" our new home!


Dawn is an experienced, no-nonsense realtor with an outstanding grasp of the local market. Her assistance was timely, attuned to my needs, and persevering.

Ed & Heather

Dawn was outstanding, motivated sensitive and supportive. She was flexible and made herself aware of our "senior needs".
There was "Nothing" that Dawn could of done better.
We Love her!


Dawn is an amazing realtor. She's totally trustworthy, hard working and so optimistic especially when we had doubts.

Very Good.

Shari and Dawn were wonderful. Great Service.


Have always used Windermere in past relocations.

Don & Mary Jorgensen

Dawn was very fair and attentive.
She will remain a friend for years to come.

Rich & Laura Rush (Sellers of 4704 Noon Rd.)

Excellent service! We always enjoy working with Dawn. There is nothing that we are aware of that could of been done better.

Louis & Jennifer

Excellent!! We worked with Dawn both when we bought our house in 2011 and when we sold this year. She did a great job and we would strongly recommend her.

Heinz & Gerda

Excellent! Dawn is very knowledgeable and great to work with. She has a lovely personality.

Gary & Mary

Outstanding! Quick sale with competing offers.


Dawn's service was excellent, personable, and beyond any other experience I've had before. Everything was perfect and exemplary. Dawn once covered my search for another property and I was impressed. I knew I would never use another. She is a gem!

Efficient, effective, excellent

Dawn's service was efficient, effective, and excellent. I was referred by a friend to Windermere and was also a Windermere agent in the 1990s.

Experienced & superb

Dawn was recommended to me by a mutual friend, & our paths had briefly passed several years ago. From the first phone call, Dawn was "available", ready to hit the ground running, extremely experienced, had superb advice, & managed to have my house "pending" the first day!! Dawn took on the prep & sale of my house at the beginning of the Covid "adventure" when open house, etc. were put on hold. Her expertise gave me great confidence. She never missed a beat about things I needed to change in pre-sale prep time, & the staging company was stellar! Dawn was/is amazing!

Jason & Emily

Dawn is just the best, she helped us purchase out home a few years ago and now there to help us sell! She advocated for us, knew what we wanted, listened and was easy to communicate with. Dawn is great! We were previously friends with Dawn but knew she would be the perfect agent for us.

Happy Customer!

Dawn is professional and personable. She has helped us through the sale of my house and recently a lot that I owned. Everything went smoothly. Thanks Dawn!

Happy Customer!

Dawns work is excellent! Her communications with me, her personal preparation of the house to maximize its appeal, and her ability to communicate about various offers. I cant imagine what she could have done better for anyone. Thank you Dawn!

Shanna & Erin

Dawn was available, knowledgeable, generous, professional and punctual! We were delighted with her service & would highly recommend her to anyone. Dawn is an absolute gem of an agent! Ours was not a simple transaction & Dawn held our hands every step of the way. It was a far less painful purchase thanks to having had Dawn on our side.

Happy Client

Dawn is wonderful. The service was great. She stuck with us forever. She is not pushy, and she listened to what our family needed. Don't let Dawn retire.

Drew and Amy

Excellent! Dawn was super present, knew what we were interested in, and was able to make up the right connections and contacts for us.

Indle K

Exceedingly efficient! A pleasure to have such a professional.

Indle K

Exceedingly efficient! A pleasure to have such a professional.

Indle K

Exceedingly efficient! A pleasure to have such a professional.

Indle K

Exceedingly efficient! A pleasure to have such a professional.

Indle K

Exceedingly efficient! A pleasure to have such a professional.

Bhaskar & Avinash

Dawn Durand is an amazing agent and we are throughly impressed with her work ethics!