More About Me

Whatcom County Real Estate Specialist

Most important, you should know that I LIKE MY JOB and that's why I'm good at it. I am long on patience, short on bull, I care about my clients and have a reputation for finishing what I start.
I was born and raised in the Northwest, and have 30 years in sales, 25 of these with Windermere Real Estate. I know the towns, the country, the schools, the people and the economy.
I have a home in town and farm in the county, a J-36 sailboat for the San Juan Islands, downhill skiis for Whistler and Mt. Baker, and a rarely used set of golf clubs for the 19 courses nearby. I also have a wonderful husband of 35 years who puts up with my 60 hrs/week on the job helping people move on when it is time and helping new people find just the right place to hang their hat.
I am a member of several community organizations including Bellingham/Whatcom Convention & Visitors Bureau, Bellingham Yacht Club, Sister Cities Assoc., Realtors Board, Bible Study Fellowship, Northwest Washington State Fair Committee, etc. I enjoy hiking, cooking, gardening, sewing, and horseback riding when I can find time. Most of all I enjoy selling homes and land in Whatcom and Skagit Counties.
I attribute my success to my strong desire to help people get what they need and my need to successfully finish whatever I start.
I am committed to my clients. Buying or selling Real Estate can be a very complicated game....if you need an experienced, enthusiastic agent to help you play the field, cover all your bases, and make sure your safe at home, call me.

Certified Buyers Agent-Service

As an ABR Designation (Accredited Buyer Representative) I can and will represent all buyers who work with me to the highest specifications outlined by the NAR buyers agency law.

My showing you homes that are too expensive will ultimately lead to frustration and it's a waste of your, my, and the sellers' time.

Contact a Lender or if you don't know one, call me for a list of local, reputable people who can tell you what you and I need to know before we start the home search/purchase process.

Tell me about it.

For example, if you have bad knees let me know so we can restrict our search to homes without a lot of stairs...or if you have 4 children under the age of 10, let me know so we can look at homes with lots of bedrooms and a big yard.

Is this a marathon search to be completed within 2 days? or do we have 2 months to explore what's available? Obviously, my approach to serving you will be greatly affected by your timing.

I will be doing a lot of legwork and providing you with a lot of information and advice.

Ultimately...whether it's 2 days, 2 months or 2 years after we must be prepared to make a offer.

Never has the saying "He who hesitates is lost" been more appropriate than in Real Estate, especially if the market is hot.

Tell me how you feel . Tell me if your situation has changed. Tell me!!! Although it does seem to be a big part of my job, I AM NOT A MIND READER. I AM good at helping you get what you need if you keep the communication channel open.

When I ask, please answer...When I call, call me back.

What You Can Expect From Me:

My cell phone is on 7 days a week. When you call, I'll be there or if you leave a message I WILL call you back.

I will share what I know regarding the Local market, Available properties, Investment strategy, Negotiation tactics, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Real Estate Law, Financing, Inspections, Escrow, Moving...and staying sane throughout the process.

Your search parameters will be entered via my computer into the Multiple Listing Service and into my personal networking system so that new listings which fit your needs will be presented immediately.

You will find the best value in the price range and area that you are considering...hopefully BEFORE anyone else who is looking for the same thing. New listings can be Phoned, Emailed, faxed or mailed to you.

I am loyal and act only in your best interests, keeping all information confidential. I give advice but act only on your direction.

I practice the National Realtor Board's Code of Ethics and have earned the respect of my peers. Referrals are available at any time.

If you doubt my integrity at this point please DO NOT call or email Dawn Durand.

I will not quit until you find what you need...and even after you've found it, I'll still be there to answer questions and to service your future Real Estate needs.

If you would like a copy of Windermere's GUIDE TO BUYING A HOME, or my RELOCATION GUIDE, call, fax, Email or write to Dawn Durand

Experienced Listing Agent-Marketing Pro

A Friendly Reminder:
Selling a home is a lot more complicated than just finding a buyer. Please read the following carefully, to help you prepare for the quickest turnaround at the highest price.

What I Expect Of You:

If you have the means to do so, this will make my job a lot easier and guarantee a better price in a shorter amount of time for your home.

A house that is difficult to show is hard to sell.

I will provide you with comparables and an explanation of why, and at what price I think your home will sell.

If you overprice your property there's a good chance you'll wind up having to reduce the price anyway (after months of dissappointment and frustration) and your property may become what's known as “stale” on the marketplace.

When I list your home I will give you an itemized itinerary on how we are going to proceed with the marketing of the property.

You will receive a regular update on ad calls,open house activity, agent input, internet hits etc. But if it doesn't sell in 2 weeks, you have to be patient.

If it doesn't sell in 2 months we'll talk about what the problems might be and pursue other options.

If you're not happy, tell me!!! (If you are happy you can tell me too).

It's important to stay positive and to keep the communication channels open if we're going to reach our common goal--that "SOLD by DAWN DURAND" sign in front of your ex-house.

What You Can Expect From Me:

My cell phone is on 7 days a week. When buyers call in response to my ads, I am available to answer questions and to show your home.

If I am unavailable, my partner or assistant will make sure no leads fall through the cracks.

I will share what I know about Pricing your home, Tips for preparing the house for sale, Marketing, Qualifiying buyers,Hosting Open Houses, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Negotiation tactics, Real Estate Law, Inspections, Repairs, Escrow, Moving...and about staying sane throughout the process.

The sale of your home will be advertised through the local MLS, Newspapers, Real Estate Guide, Real Estate Book, Northwest Homes & Properties, on the Internet on Windermere's Website and on as a FEATURED LISTING.

Most importantly it will also be on the internet websites of these publications, on the Windermere website and on

Windermere's nationwide referral system gives me access to information about hundreds of people relocating specifically to this area, increasing the pool of qualified buyers for your home.

For an indepth Marketing Package call, email, fax or write Dawn Durand

As your listing agent, I will be the only one representing you in the sale of your home. Other agents bringing buyers are representing the BUYER.

I am loyal to my clients, acting in your best interests and keeping all information confidential.

I will sell your home as though it were my own, promoting all the positive aspects, acknowledging any pitfalls, providing comparables to substantiate the pricing and offering financing options if needed.

I will not quit until we've sold your house...and even after we've sold it, I'll still be there to answer questions and to help you with your future Real Estate needs.

If you would like a copy of Windermere's GUIDE TO SELLING A HOME, or my RELOCATION GUIDE, call, fax, email or write to Dawn Durand.

Informative Source

For an education in the Whatcom County Real Estate Market, call Dawn Durand. Her specialties include Corporate clients, view, waterfront and core neighborhood residential, horse/hobby farms, development acreage. Her services are consistant and available to all past, present and future clients.